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LINDBERG Teen / Kids
Durability, flexibility and adaptability for active children and teenagers means less fixing and superior comfort. Pure Danish.
Prodesign's innovative spectacle frames produce a close-knit relationship between functionality and visual expression and feels as good as it looks. Made in Denmark.
Reliability of a screw-less spectacle frame constructed from stainless steel and made in France. Lightec has a sleek look and is light-weight.
Fritz Frames
Individually handcrafted timber-composite frames produced right here on the Sunshine Coast. Experience a bespoke, custom made frame that has been produced to your specifications.
LINDBERG Strip 3P for Woman
The strip3p titanium collection for woman is a fresh take on minimalist rimless eyewear. This collection is ultra-lightweight and streamlined.
LINDBERG Acetanium for Men
Tailor made modern frame design for men using a unique combination of titanium and acetate. Pure Danish.
LINDBERG Spirit Titanium for Men
Lightweight at just 1.9 grams. No screws, no rivets, no solders, for a strong minimalist frame. Pure Danish.
LINDBERG Spirit Titanium for Woman
At just 1.9 grams light, these frames are beautiful and minimalist in design. Pure Danish.
Bovelo represents spectacle frames with discreet, yet recognizable design, thanks to cleverly balanced colorful touches and emphases. Made in France.
Variation Design
This collection encompasses the art of hand crafting and metalwork which cannot be replicated by machines. Designed and made in France.
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